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Successor to the monstrous Mclaren P1 Hybrid is on its way!

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Successor to the monstrous Mclaren P1 Hybrid is on its way!

Successor to the monstrous Mclaren P1 Hybrid is on its way! – Mclaren is one of the sports car giants that most likes to break speed records. After all, your old McLaren F1 was the king of top speed for a long time and even your current McLaren Regera can achieve incredible accelerations with just 1 fixed speed.

Thus, with the arrival of technologies and electric motors, McLaren was even one of the first to demonstrate that it was possible to reach new levels of performance. Introducing his McLaren P1 Hybrid to the world in 2013 an authentic 900 horse monster!

This incredible hypercar fights head-to-head against models like the Ferrari La Ferrari and the Porsche 918 Spider and does not fall behind not only in a straight line but also on racetracks.

McLaren P1

The power is incredible but age is already taking its toll on the McLaren P1 Hybrid!

Power has long ceased to be the crucial factor in setting track time records. So, despite its incredible 900 horses, the P1 Hybrid cannot escape the incredible and current McLaren 720s of “only” 710 horses. We are talking about a much more expensive monstrous hybrid that has the help of electric motors and 4 × 4 traction!

It is not magic … all of this happens due to the great evolution that occurs regularly in suspensions, aerodynamics, tires, weight distribution, engine response time and many other factors.

Therefore, the current McLaren CEO, Mike Flewitt, believes that the current 100% electric cars are not capable of running long races!

Flewitt added that “the buyer of a McLaren 765LT will most likely take that car to a race track. If it were all electric we would be talking about just 30 minutes of use and a charge until the next day ”

Successor to the monstrous Mclaren P1 Hybrid is on its way!

UK regulation will ban new combustion engine cars in 2035!

Many companies still believe strongly and continue to invest in combustion engines. Incidentally McLaren is one of these companies but despite believing and preferring combustion engines and hybrid help the truth is that in any case it will create a 100% electric model.

The company is already planning two different construction platforms. A platform created and focused for 100% electric models and another for monstrous hybrids, we are including here the future McLaren P1 Hybrid that will be presented in 2024!

In short, enthusiasts have already started looking for all the news of the successor of the P1 Hybrid of 2013. A model that despite being on the market for 7 years still manages to show current models who is in charge. So if you continue to use the help of electric motors and include new driving technologies, we will have a new monster in sight.

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Successor to the monstrous Mclaren P1 Hybrid is on its way!

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