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Surprise! Galaxy Note 20, Ultra and Fold 2 price revealed!

by ace

If you’re saving money to buy one of Samsung’s new tops, I might have to save a little more. Prices are going to be a little higher than expected. This in the case of three new equipment. I speak, in particular, of the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Fold 2. But after all, how much will the new smartphones cost?

Surprise! Galaxy Note 20, Ultra and Fold 2 price revealed!

So let’s look at everything the new Leak tells us. Right from the start it reveals that the new smartphones will be announced on the 5th of August. However, they should start selling on the 27th.

Let’s now look at the prices that were revealed by a Greek website and obtained by a source close to Samsung.

Prices start at 1,249 Euros. This in the case of the standard Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and costs about € 250 more than the current model. This information also means that the cost will be significantly higher for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. In fact, the source reports that it starts at 1,499 Euros. This translates to 350 Euros more than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and 100 Euros more than the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

What about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be announced at the same time, but it will not be released until later. If the leak is confirmed it will cost 2,199 Euros in Greece. In the case of arrival on the market, it is better to aim for September or October.

Returning to the Note range, although we are still a month from launch, know that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is already on the Internet thanks to an official page from Samsung.

Who discovered this novelty was the well-known Max Weinbach who shared all the news on Twitter. The color is originally called Mystic Bronze, or if you prefer, mystical bronze.

These images are in line with everything we expected to see in Note. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is eventually one of the most stylish ever. However, no matter how hard we tried, we would never imagine using this color. Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 also appeared on the Internet in the same color. So there is no doubt that the two products will combine very well.

However, there is another thing that we also perceive through the image. The last sensor, in this case the third one from above, appears to be a periscopic camera. Of course there is no absolute certainty, but if it is true it can have really good zoom characteristics!


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