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Victory for Xbox? PS5 is in trouble and could be delayed

by ace
Victory for Xbox? PS5 is in trouble and could be delayed

Victory for Xbox? PS5 is in trouble and could be postponed – If you happen to be aware of the new generation of consoles, you are likely to know everything that Sony and Microsoft have been presenting in recent months.

That said, you must also have noticed the difference in the presentations … It is that while the Xbox Series X was presented with all the pomp and circumstance, with revelation of hardware, design and features. Sony just presented the list of specifications and little more… That is, at a time when we already knew the design of the Xbox Series X for a number of months, we still have no idea what the PlayStation 5 will be like.

Do you know why?

Apparently, Sony has not yet presented the design of its new console, because it is going through a real nightmare in the last stages of development, due to the heat that the machine generates, namely in the SoC and in the ultra fast SSD that the manufacturer decided to implement .

In other words, PlayStation 5 does not yet have a final design, because engineers are trying to come up with a cooling system that allows mass production (without increasing production costs considerably!).

A mission too complicated, when we are basically 6 months from launch.

Victory for Xbox? PS5 is in trouble and could be delayed

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Having said all that, it is true that Phil Spencer of Microsoft has also advanced that the Xbox Series X may be postponed, due to the epidemic that has spread in the United States and Europe. However, I cannot be the only one thinking about this hypothesis … Can you imagine Microsoft forgetting a possible postponement, to launch its Xbox several months before PS5?

Obviously no one knows how COVID will evolve, but it is expected that at Christmas time things will be much more controlled, with some normality in our lives. Therefore, any self-respecting player will want a new generation console in the shoe. So, if there is only one on the shelves, in this case the Xbox … Then this is the one you can take home.

In the past I have already spoken a little about the difference in strategy between Microsoft and Sony in this new generation, of how the Xbox seems to take advantage, after a negative experience with the current 'Xbox One', which had a horrible launch process in 2012 / 2013.

It is undeniable that Microsoft has learned a lot from the experience of its ‘One’. So, in addition to the Xbox integration with the PC, we have a very close to perfect compatibility, a big bet on streaming, a more powerful ecosystem. And yet a new and renewed bet on exclusives, which after all, are still Sony's great advantage.

In short… Will it be with a PS5 to be postponed 2021, and an Xbox Series X hitting the shelves in October / November. Could all this be a sign of Microsoft's victory in the new generation?

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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Victory for Xbox? PS5 is in trouble and could be delayed

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