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Was EVO Online canceled? Yes … But it was not due to COVID-19!

by ace

Every year we have the opportunity to attend a new EVO event! Well … Almost every year, in 2020 we will not have that honor. What was even expected due to the pandemic that still afflicts us, but what is really interesting, is that the cancellation was not even due to COVID. Since the organization opted for an online mode.

In other words, when everything already seemed organized, there is a new problem … The president of the company responsible for the event is currently involved in sexual scandals, which are not even very recent.

EVO Online was canceled? Yes … But it was not due to COVID-19!

Therefore, with COVID or without COVID, the event should start on the 4th of July. However, due to Joey Cuellar’s bad deeds during the late 1990s and early 2000s, everything went downhill.

It is not that the company wanted to cancel EVO, the problem was that the various partners decided to abandon the grand event, to have nothing to do with the scandal. That is, Capcom, NetherRealm and even Bandai Namco, decided to withdraw their presence from the online event.

But here’s what a spokesman for the event’s organizing company said:

“Joey Cuellar will no longer be involved with EVO in any capacity. Thus, Tony Cannon will serve as CEO of the company going forward. ”

That said, we know that Joey Cuellar himself has already gone public via Twitter to apologize for his past actions and show regret. But of course, this will not save the 2020 EVO …

In short, it looks like this year there will be no EVO Online for anyone! Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the press releases of distributors and studios, to understand how we are going to receive the traditional announcements that should be made here.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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