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Windows 10 2004: if you can update be very careful!

by ace

Microsoft has been phasing out the May 2020 update that first arrived on Windows 10 on May 27th. This “slowness” helps to Microsoft to detect and resolve critical bugs that may have gone unnoticed during the beta phase. Now that the update begins to reach all users, the Redmond giant has already confirmed that Windows 10 version 1809 will be automatically updated for this one. But will everything be so smooth in Windows 10 2004 if I can update?

Windows 10 2004: if you can update be very careful!

In recent months, Microsoft has resolved several bugs that have been reported by users. However, there are still problems to solve. For example, the update remains blocked for many people and it is not clear why.

The first to notice this block were the owners of Surface Pro X. They try to update and a message appears saying that the PC cannot be upgraded to Windows 10. Initially it was thought that it would be due to some applications or drivers. However, it seems that there is more than that.

Anyway, one user found that disabling the Internet connection after the initial download of the May update makes the update possible. There are strange things, aren’t there?

However, there are other computers that are also unable to get their hands on the 2004 version. In these cases, the main culprits are the touch pad controllers, apps or graphics card drivers.

The stand-by issues

Those who managed to install cannot easily disable the new Stand-by functionality. This function puts the notebook in hibernation but the device continues to process tasks in the background and wakes up immediately when we press the power button. Unfortunately it is not easy to disable it in the 2004 version.

Hardware issues

In addition to the issues I mentioned, we still have problems with the wireless keyboards, mouse and even with the Realtek audio adapter. Some Dell notebooks have been affected by this problem, which was only resolved through a rollback to Windows 10 version 1909.

Things are not famous with the new Windows 10 update. However, in time everything will definitely be resolved.

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