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Windows 10 has important new update! Download it here!

by ace

Windows 10 version 2004 has just received a new update that is already available through Windows Update or that can be installed manually. At the end of this article we leave the link to download the update KB4568831 with everything you need.

Windows 10 has important new update! Download it here!

The update KB4568831 is optional and takes the Windows operating system to Build 19041.423. Unlike the update that was revealed on July 14, it comes with a long list of improvements and fixes.

In some installations, Windows 10 Build 19041.423 appears when you click on the “Show optional updates” option. On that page of optional updates, you only have to choose the option “Other updates” to expand the section, select the update you want to download and then choose to download and install.

With this optional update for Windows 10 version 2004, Microsoft has implemented fixes for several bugs, including those affecting the file explorer. However, an issue where the preview of .msg files when Outlook was installed was also solved.

Microsoft also solved problems with Microsoft Word and Excel. The company fixed an issue when pasting images and text from Word into Internet Explorer and another bug where Excel could stop working when using the built-in Loupe tool in Windows.

However, Microsoft has also fixed an issue where 4K (HDR) content may appear darker. Especially when using non-HDR systems for streaming content. Another situation was also solved where the Settings page closed unexpectedly and prevented users from configuring applications by default.

The other big news is that this update fixes the printing problems that arose with the June security fixes.

The bug proved problematic for printers, including Ricoh and Brother models. Additional fixes included in this patch should improve connectivity between printers and Windows.

However, build 19041.423 for Windows 10 also solves an issue that causes a blue screen when the system resumes from sleep mode and connects to Bluetooth headsets. In addition, the optional Windows 10 patch solved other connectivity issues.

If you do not install this patch now, all fixes and improvements will be applied to your system when you install the August 14 update.

This update can be downloaded manually on here.

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