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Windows 10 Update deletes your photos and documents!

by ace
Windows 10 Update deletes your photos and documents!

Windows 10 is facing even more serious problems due to a failed update. In fact, this problem can take on enormous proportions. All because some users lost personal files after installing the update KB4549951. It is really dangerous to have a Windows 10 update that deletes photos and documents!

Windows 10 Update deletes your photos and documents!

THE Microsoft released Windows 10 KB4549951 on April 14, a necessary update that should fix several security issues. However, as we have already mentioned, this update presented some serious problems, such as general system instability and the famous blue screen that completely blocks the PC.

However, the problem became more serious. The new update is causing much more serious problems than previously thought. In fact, many people are reporting that their personal files were moved or deleted immediately after installing the update.

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A user contacted the Windows Latest website to inform them that this update is a disaster. In his words, “it excluded files, images and documents recorded on the system disk, as well as applications downloaded from the Windows Store”.

What is primarily at risk are files that are in the Images and Documents folders. For most users, these folders contain important and irreplaceable files if the user does not have a backup.

Since that time, many other users have reported problems. Data lost after updating to KB4549951 and in several cases all files in the Documents folder older than a week have been deleted without notification. There is no restoration option, there is no help, there is nothing about a user who faced the problem.

I remember that a previous update caused similar problems, but at that time everything was due to the creation of a temporary profile. In addition, in that case it was possible to retrieve the information. Not now.

We hope that soon Microsoft will respond and there is hope for the information that has been lost. For now there seems to be nothing to do.

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Windows 10 Update deletes your photos and documents!

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