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Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X much cheaper than PlayStation 5?

by ace

I’m tired of saying that Microsoft is going to do a serious all-in in 2020, to regain the throne of the console world! That said, what better way to win players than launching two consoles at super-attractive prices? I don’t think so …

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X much cheaper than PlayStation 5?

Therefore, according to the Beyond 3D forum, which has been a source of reliable information, it is expected that the PlayStation 5 with Blu-Ray player will cost something like € 499, with the digital version reaching the market at € 399, that is, minus € 100. This should be the final price of the two consoles from Sony, and apparently, will be beaten by the two consoles that Microsoft is preparing, namely the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

After all, if the information is correct, the Xbox Series S may cost € 199, while the Xbox Series X will cost € 399.

However, Microsoft is expected to announce all of this in the coming weeks, with a grand event this July. Where it is clear, the price of the console will be the highest moment. (However, it is likely that Microsoft is still paying attention to what Sony is preparing, so as not to let the Japanese rival undercut its price.)

Editor’s Note: All of this is still leaks and rumors. Something that I have often said at Leak that it also serves as a marketing tool. Both Sony and Microsoft are leaking information to study players’ reactions. Still… An Xbox Series S at € 199 would be phenomenal for the efforts of North American giant Microsoft.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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