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Xiaomi Black Shark 3 – The Gaming smartphone that kills almost everything

by ace

Gaming smartphones are more and more popular in the market, and as you would expect, we have more and more manufacturers involved in this ‘struggle’ by bringing devices that are increasingly equipped and with fewer defects, while you can already see a small price war.

Having said all that, Xiaomi’s Black Shark 3 came into our hands to try to show us what a serious ‘gamer phone’ really is…. And in fact, even impressed, since it is a device with few commitments, to equip the best CPU in the Android world, while playing with a very interesting price.

So, if you don’t know Black Shark yet, we are talking about a subsidiary of Chinese giant Xiaomi, a manufacturer that has become accustomed to offering great equipment at low prices.

After all, in the case of this Black Shark 3, we are talking about a device that features the recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 CPU, support for the new 5G networks, OLED screen capable of reaching 90Hz, 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM, UFS 3.0 fast storage, a triple camera module with a 64MP main sensor, among many other things … All this for a price of around 500 €!

In short, it will not be easy to find a rival that is capable of offering these Gaming specifications and capabilities at this price!

Design and Screen – The Black Shark 3 has a design that defines the equipment’s focus right away

As you can see in the images, the Black Shark 3 is a thicker device than usual. However, in order not to jeopardize the comfort of day-to-day use and gaming sessions, the manufacturer has implemented a lateral curvature that not only gives it a premium aspect, but greatly facilitates its use.

Having said that, the truth is that it remains a large device, so if you are not used to smartphones of these dimensions you may have an unpleasant surprise over time. After all, the device is not only bigger but also thicker and heavier than most smartphones (Weight: 222g). But there it is, when you place it horizontally and start using it you will see that everything makes more sense, after all, the equipment offers a simply brutal Gaming experience!

However, at the level of the buttons, we have a good construction with the common On / Off on the right side in a favorable area, as well as a Gaming button that turns the equipment into a console in a lower area so as not to disturb its normal use. On the left side, you will have the volume buttons, at the top the 3.5mm port, at the bottom the Type-C port, and finally, at the back you will also find a proprietary Xiaomi port to use the many accessories of your choice .

Ahead, in the rear we can still find the triple camera module, as well as its 3 zones with RGB! After all, we are talking about a Gaming equipment, so RGB would have to be present! If you don’t know, RGB guarantees at least 45FPS in any game! (Anyone knows that this is true … It is not!)


As for the screen, we have here a Fluid AMOLED panel of 6.77 ″, capable of offering a resolution of 1080 x 2400, being also capable of reaching 90Hz, 500nits, while supporting HDR10 +.

In short, you can end a game session to readily go to see a movie or series, all thanks to the visual quality of this screen. (The colors are really brutal)

But of course, what will most catch the attention of the players is the 90Hz screen. But as this requires a higher battery drain, we have to say that these 90Hz are smart, that is, the Black Shark is not always at 90Hz, it only reaches this frequency when it is really necessary

However, within the same theme, you can also activate MEMC technology, which with the help of an independent image Chipset, we have an increase in the fluidity of videos up to 90Hz. Ensuring a better and more fluid experience.

Finally, you can see that there are margins at the top and bottom of the equipment … Which are usually highly criticized, but here they have a purpose and are even very welcome! After all, when I’m playing, they guarantee an area where I can rest my hands without interfering with the screen and consequently in the game.

Black Shark 3: Power and Battery

This equipment has a “Gaming” design that tends to be much more aggressive than normal, but there it is, there are reasons for all this. After all, we have the best CPU on the market in this equipment, which through the incredible “liquid” cooling included is able to maintain performance without major problems.

Note that here you can use this Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with Overclocking!

In short, as you can imagine, everything I installed on the equipment was executed in the best possible way even pulling the graphics to the maximum! But… what about Autonomy ?!

Now, the Black Shark 3 does not play in service in any department, much less in Autonomy. This smartphone equips a double Li-Po battery capable of 4720 mAh. Able to guarantee normal use over 8 hours with the screen on, also guaranteeing 6 hours of uninterrupted gameplay depending on the way you put the CPU.

But there it is, in addition to all this, thanks to the 65W fast charger, you will have the equipment back to 100% in just 38 minutes.

Black Shark 3: Cameras

It is undeniable that when we talk about gaming smartphones, fans of the world of photography even tremble … It is that historically, these devices are too weak in this component, to focus 100% on games. Well, it seems that this trend is even more rare these days! After all, if you think about this equipment, you are very wrong, the cameras will not let you down in any way!

Its main camera module equips 3 different sensors, the main one with 64MP f / 1.8, an ultrawide with 13MP f / 2.3 and also a depth sensor with 5MP. However, the front sensor is also able to guarantee a good ‘selfie game’, thanks to its 20MP camera.

See some photos taken by this equipment below.

As you can see above, the equipment does not disappoint on most occasions!

In fact, it is one of the fastest mobile phones I have had to capture a photo! It guarantees a quick response even in normal mode, this was much more noticeable when at 120km / h I managed to take several pictures of the cars in the opposite direction, which curiously were not bad at all! (There was a passenger in the car: P)

In other words, the daytime photos are brutal, as they present lots of colors and good detail even on the Ultrawide camera.

In the night photos, the equipment has a greater difficulty to fulfill its mission, but still, it showed that it did not come to play! Keeping the photos fast, but of course, you will start to notice some distortion in the photo. Unfortunately, if you place the ultra-wide sensor at night, you may end up not seeing anything at all in the captured image.

Ok, the photos are good, and the videos?

Well, despite taking good pictures, the truth is that in the videos… The result is the same or better! This equipment surprised a lot when recording videos in 1080p footage, guaranteeing incredible stability. That said, at 4K we were impressed with the details of the image, but disappointed with the stability.

In short, contrary to what I expected, the cameras surprised me a lot, this in an equipment focused on Gaming. Of course, there is no P40 Pro, S20 Ultra, or similar here … But it offers an easily above average performance.

Black Shark 3: Network, Audio and RGB

Black Shark 3, in addition to 5G, brings Wi-Fi 6 technology together with a double “X” antenna, ensuring more stability and 250% more speed increase compared to Wi-Fi 5. However, it also has the dual connection functionality that makes it possible to use the 5G network together with Wi-Fi so you never miss a thing! That is, I can guarantee that the network will not be a problem!


Despite everything this boy offers, we have to be aware that we are talking about a cell phone. As such, its main feature is to make calls and send messages! Now, having said that, I guarantee that you will hear the other person perfectly in the upper column, since he is able to guarantee a volume well above the normal. In fact, unlike the vast majority of smartphones that pass through my hands, in Black Shark I was only at 70 ~ 80% in volume, otherwise I would be without eardrums. All because the equipment is equipped with two front speakers.

We arrived at RGB!

The rear of the Black Shark 3 features three customizable RGB zones. In this field, we can say that someone has paid some attention to detail, this is because even listening to music, the RGB reacts according to the volume, it turns the RGB zones on or off and increases the brightness to the sound of the music.

It is a touch that will not influence the performance or other design of the machine at all, but in our opinion it completes the device package well.


Well, if you really like to play on your smartphone, the Black Shark 3 is without a doubt a right choice.

After all, it will have top processing, as well as many good features at an almost unbeatable price. This device guarantees good network reception, a fast screen and touch response, good autonomy, excellent audio, impressing a lot in the field of cameras.

All this for a value of around € 550!

Furthermore, what do you think about this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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