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Xiaomi factories already operate at 80% of total capacity!

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Xiaomi factories already operate at 80% of total capacity!

It's not all bad news. At least in China. The peak of infection has passed and now, little by little, life is returning to normal. Around here and since this threat came later, things are complicated and will get a little more difficult before they start to get better. But returning to China, Xiaomi today held an online conference to provide some information about the state of the company phase to COVID-19. This conference was conducted by group president Wang Xiang. He explained how the company managed to overcome this crisis and how the Xiaomi factories are doing.

Xiaomi factories already operate at 80% of total capacity!

Xiang explained that all 2000 employees in Wuhan province have been on leave since 20 January. But now, gradually, they have all returned to their jobs with 0% infection. However, to play it safe, the company provided each employee with two masks, a bottle of disinfectant and another of anti-bacterial liquid to protect themselves from any infection.

Xiaomi factories

Meanwhile, Wang also said that Xiaomi's production chain is already working at over 80% of its total capacity. In addition, the company has reopened more than 1,800 retail stores in China. Likewise, Redmi's production line is already operating at full capacity. Now Xiaomi also has another goal in mind. That said, it is working to produce and be able to donate masks and other products to foreign countries.

Still on this subject, last week the COO of Xiaomi India assured that this pandemic would not affect the company's business in that country. However, as we know, it may not be so. What we have learned from this virus is that in reality we know nothing. So if India is really hit by a huge epidemic, it is obvious that Xiaomi's business will be affected.

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