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Xiaomi makes fun of Huawei but it can happen to you!

by ace
Xiaomi makes fun of Huawei but it can happen to you!

There is a proverb in Portugal that says and very well do not hurt your neighbor, that yours comes along the way. I am sure that in Brazil there will be another similar one. If any of our readers want to tell us, I would appreciate it. Now Xiaomi should take this proverb to the letter. It's just that being a Chinese brand and growing as it is, it won't be long until you're on Uncle Trump's radar. This is about something that Xiaomi did in the box of the European version of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. It can read an inscription that says "with access to the most used Google applications". Of course, this is seen as a marketing strategy. Xiaomi has Google, Huawei does not.

Xiaomi Huawei

Xiaomi makes fun of Huawei but it can happen to you!

It is true that most manufacturers usually do this to highlight the weaknesses of competing smartphones and highlight their own. Huawei itself has already done so in relation to Apple and Samsung. However, this is what I remember the first time for Xiaomi. Still, it has a reason for being. It is that now this manufacturer is in a premium segment and as such it has to peck the giants because it is competing with a Huawei P40 and a Galaxy S20.

Xiaomi makes fun of Huawei but it can happen to you!

Xiaomi has had a similar path to that of Huawei. It started with entry-level and mid-range and has now reached the top devices and this seems to be paying off.

This manufacturer has recently become the third largest manufacturer in the world. Before the problems with the United States, Huawei was clearly attacking the top of the market. The goal was to definitively overtake Apple and attack Samsung. Now the market is more complicated for Huawei in terms of international sales and was thus overtaken in February by Xiaomi. This according to data from Strategy Analytics.

Can Xiaomi get on Trump's radar?

Definitely. Just become number two, cement that position and get involved in the production of 5G broadcast stations. So, I have no doubt that if that happens, Trump will have a firm hand in protecting American companies. Moreover, it is a Chinese organization.

In the meantime, Samsung will then have to put in their boxes “with access to the most used Google applications”.


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Xiaomi makes fun of Huawei but it can happen to you!

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