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Xiaomi Mi Band 4C: mix of Mi Band 5 with 4 for 23 Euros!

by ace

After so much talk about the Mi Band 5, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C, also known as the Mi Smart Band 4C, was finally launched. The new wearable combines the best of Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5 in an even cheaper device.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C: mix of Mi Band 5 with 4 for 23 Euros!

For now the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C is still only in Malaysia. However, according to the TizenHelp, this wearable should soon reach other countries. Even in Malaysia, the Mi Band 4C global variant is available so you can set the language to English or any other language of your choice.

What’s new in Xiaomi Mi Band 4C?

Right from the start there is a detail that distinguishes it from the Mi Band 4 and the Mi Band 5. It does not have the oval AMOLED panel. Instead, we have a 1.08 inch rectangular TFT screen that remains in color.

Surprisingly, the new Mi Band 4C has a bigger battery than the Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5. The capacity is 130mAh, but it promises a duration of 14 days compared to the 20 days of autonomy of the Mi Band 4 and 5. This must be related to the screen.

In terms of activity tracking, the Mi Band 4C comes with what we can expect from this type of devices.

Thus, we have the step count, distance, calories, heart rate monitoring 24/7 and sleep verification.

There are also five sports modes, such as outdoor running, exercise, cycling, treadmill and brisk walking.

I remember that the Mi Band 5 offers additional modes of sports accompaniment for swimming, jumping, yoga and much more that are not present in this. The Mi Band 4, however, has only one additional sport mode compared to this Mi Band 4C. I speak of the monitoring of swimming exercises.

Like the other recent Mi Bands, the Mi Band 4C is also water resistant up to 5ATM and supports notification alerts and music control.

Briefly, the new Xiaomi Mi Band 4C looks like a very interesting wearable. Is that if we look at the price and what it offers, it is undoubtedly an excellent alternative between the Mi Band 4 and the 5.


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