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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 does not convince? Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro is coming!

by ace

It is undeniable that the Xiaomi Mi Band are always very successful. After all, they combine excellent features with an attractive price. What more can we ask for? Last month, this brand launched the latest Mi Band 5 model in China. It is available in two options – standard and NFC. Now, according to a new leak, there may be a third model called Mi Band 5 Pro.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 does not convince? Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro is coming!

The existence of the Mi Band 5 Pro was first identified a few days after the launch of the Mi Band 5 in China. That said, the GeekDoing team found the code name and icon in the Mi Wear application. Now, a test was also found in the Mi Fit application. But there is even more confirmation.

Xiaomi used to sell its wearables under the name “Mi Band” worldwide. But that changed with the launch of the Mi Band 4 last year. The company continued to use the same name in China, but in other markets, it started selling them under the name “Mi Smart Band”.

The same can be said for the code name. In China, Mi Band 5 is called “Kongming”, while the global variant is called “York”. In addition, the variant without NFC is called “Kongming L”. Now, a new model with the code name “Kongming Pro” has also been seen in the Mi Fit application and, as such, the Mi Band 5 Pro is once again confirmed.

Unfortunately, the only thing we know is the name. It’s just that nothing was revealed about the specifications. The only known aspect is that the Pro variant will have NFC. It remains for us now to wait for the new Mi Band 5 Pro to be officially confirmed and above all for the specifications to be presented. It is too early to know for sure what will come, but perhaps an accompaniment of more activities and improvements on the screen. Whether it will be this or not, only time will tell.

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