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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick: this is the biggest leak ever!

by ace

There have been several leaks on the Internet talking about the new Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, however, this is the biggest leak ever. I say this because there is nothing left to know. All because unboxing photos and videos were published.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick: this is the biggest leak ever!

The blog muritzy.tistory.com published photos and videos of the Mi TV Stick to be unboxed and used. The stick supposedly cannot be activated until July 15th; therefore, the entire process was done in offline mode to avoid blocking.

There is nothing extraordinary about unboxing. That said, we have the stick, a USB cable, an adapter for the wall socket, the remote control and several instruction manuals. As with Chromecast, Fire TV and other similar devices, the Mi TV Stick can be powered through one of the USB ports that are present on the back of the television.

The interface videos show that the device runs Android 9 Pie (as the listing on the Play Store has already revealed). This with the March 5 security patch. The output is limited to 1080p at 60FPS, making it less capable than the Mi Box S which can produce 4K video.

The author was also able to download some applications that revealed even more information. Thus, DRM Info reports that the stick supports ClearKey CDM 1.1 and Widevine L1. That is, most applications should reveal content in 1080p without any problem. However, Mi TV Stick scored 36,436 points on Antutu V8 (the version that Google now identifies as malware). Looking at the value, we can see that it is a little higher than the Mi Box S. classification. The latter won 31,669 points.

All that remains now is Xiaomi to officially launch the stick.


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