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Xiaomi WalkingPad S1: the treadmill that makes everyone skinny

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Xiaomi Youpin is the crowdfunding platform of the Chinese brand that hosts several products that are launched later. Last year, this brand debuted outside of China with the launch of the WalkingPad R1 Pro and Oclean X for the international market at Indiegogo. As everything went so well this manufacturer decided to launch an improved model of his treadmill called Xiaomi WalkingPad S1.

Xiaomi WalkingPad S1: the treadmill that makes everyone skinny

As I mentioned, the WalkingPad S1 is an updated version of the WalkingPad R1 and is lighter than the previous version. It also occupies up to 45% less space than the older model and operational noise has been minimized to ensure a calm training session. The structure and the running belt are also manufactured with premium materials.

The design is similar to its predecessor and includes the patented 180-degree folding design that allows the WalkingPad S1 to be easily stored anywhere. Once folded, it occupies less than 95% of the space and can be stored vertically or horizontally at home or in the office.

Meanwhile, this time, Xiaomi is offering the WalkingPad S1 with front straps to ensure additional balance and keep you safe while exercising. The handlebars are sold separately and are of immense importance for senior users to help maintain security. Even without the handlebars, the WalkingPad S1 comes with an integrated safety system to ensure your safety during exercise. However, the treadmill stops if no movement is detected.

This equipment also has a non-slip mat made of EVA material, which has a lower coefficient of friction during exercise.

The device can also be controlled using a remote control or the KS Fit application. However, it can also be controlled automatically thanks to the system that detects the sensory speed of the feet. So the speed increases or decreases according to the speed at which we are walking.

There is also an LED panel on the front of the WalkingPad S1 that shows a clear summary of the speed and training data. The panel also shows the speed, time, step and number of calories burned. In addition, the LED panel is touch sensitive.

The Xiaomi WalkingPad S1 treadmill comes with a price of around 469 Euros.

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