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You can now install Fortnite through the Play Store

by ace
You can now install Fortnite through the Play Store

Do you still remember the launch of Fortnite for Android in 2018? It was a tremendous mess, because users were used to going to the Play Store… However, the game was only available on the Epic Games website, in order to escape the rate of 30% that Google takes from all purchases made within apps distributed through your Play Store. This led to a serious security risk, as several players ended up downloading fake applications, due to lack of information or simple distraction.

Having said all that, almost 2 years after the launch, it looks like it's time to forget about this strategy! Google won the ‘war’!

You can now install Fortnite through the Play Store


Therefore, after Google has significantly increased the security levels of its platform, with features such as Google Play Protect among other things, Epic started to approach Google to negotiate a launch on its platform, with a relief from these fees. However, Google did not download anything, and Epic eventually agreed to the terms … That is, Google won!

Thus, from now on, Fortnite will be available on the Google Play Store, although it will also continue to be available on the Epic Games website.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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You can now install Fortnite through the Play Store

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