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Your hand? How about a gaming mouse with fan included?

by ace

Nowadays, you can find everything or almost everything on the gaming peripherals market! After all, only in the world of gaming mice, we have models with all sizes and shapes, different configurations of buttons, different control software, and of course … Prices very different.

Having said all of this, is there no room for further development? The design of the gaming mouse is ‘closed’, is it perfect? Apparently no!

Therefore, according to Zephyr, the gaming mouse still has at least one more way to show us! A bit like Freeza against Son Goku in Namek (xD). After all, the recent manufacturer will launch a new mouse on the Kickstarter (on July 24th) with an internal cooling system designed just for the user’s sweaty palm.

That is, very briefly, to make sure that we are not enjoying it. Zephyr wants to take advantage of the crowdfunding platform to launch the first mouse on the market with an integrated cooling system to eliminate players’ sweaty palms!

Well… A cooling system is capable of being an exaggeration, since it is a simple RGB fan with three pre-defined speeds (4000 RPM, 7000 RPM and 10000 RPM). However, in order for the fan to have a lot of air to offer to the players’ hands, the mouse has a “geometric shell” with dozens of small holes. (This should also help keep the mouse super light.)

However, in terms of traditional technical specifications, the Zephyr mouse has a maximum DPI of 16,000 units thanks to the Pixart 3389 sensor, as well as Omron mechanical switches capable of handling at least 50 million clicks. Finally, the mouse should have 6 buttons, the traditional 3, a DPI button, and two thumb buttons.

In terms of price, the Kickstarter campaign is expected to start asking $ 79 for the first ‘investors’. However, it is always a good idea to keep in mind that not all projects launched on the platform are successful. And even those who do are not always able to reach the market.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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